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Theanex is a newly developed dietary supplement. The capsules aim to support healthy weight management and bring the body into its natural balance. Performance can also be increased, and the immune system can be strengthened. The capsules focus on plant extracts and amino acids as ingredients and offer simple dosing.


  • Weight management and metabolism: The capsules aim to have a positive effect on metabolism and stimulate fat burning. This enables natural weight management without the need to forego certain foods or follow the rules of a strict diet. The ingredients are specially developed to activate a slow and sluggish metabolism and support healthy digestion.
  • Physical well-being: A strengthened immune system and metabolic health also affect physical well-being. A calorie deficit can be achieved with this support without intense cravings or appetite. Therefore, the capsules are suitable for all people who want to feel comfortable in their skin again.
  • Performance and concentration: Brain function and performance are strongly linked to physical health. Therefore, the formula aims to enhance concentration, ensure adequate blood circulation, and provide the body with new strength and energy. Regular intake is important.

📦 Ingredients

Theanex relies on a natural formula of amino acids and plant extracts. The ingredients are of natural origin and have been scientifically proven in individual studies. The capsules are free from chemical additives.

Matcha Powder [1]
  • contains a lot of natural caffeine
  • has a calming effect
  • strengthens concentration and performance
  • regulates cholesterol levels
140 mg
Spirulina Powder [2]
  • contains minerals and vitamins
  • acts as an antioxidant and strengthens detoxification
  • harmful substances are eliminated from the body
  • promotes metabolism
120 mg
Garcinia Cambogia Extract [3]
  • contains natural HCA acid
  • strengthens thermogenesis in the body
  • increases energy levels
  • controls appetite and cravings
  • for more performance
100 mg
L-Arginine [4]
  • effects on blood pressure and circulation
  • strengthens cells and muscle development
  • for a healthy hormonal balance
  • regulates performance level
100 mg
L-Carnitine [5]
  • for a healthy energy metabolism
  • aids in weight control
  • strengthens heart muscle function
100 mg

💡 Application & Dosage

The prescribed dosage is two capsules daily. Theanex should be swallowed whole, along with 1-2 glasses of water. The liquid helps the body to better utilize the ingredients. There are no specific instructions regarding the time of intake. Therefore, the capsules can be easily integrated into the usual daily routine. Those who cannot swallow capsules can break the outer shell. The powder inside dissolves quickly in water and can be drunk without difficulty swallowing.

Regular use is important to activate the effect. Each body reacts differently to the ingredients and needs its own time. A dosage of at least 4 weeks is recommended. However, due to the natural formula, the application can be extended over several months. Theanex does not replace a healthy and balanced diet and should be combined with sufficient exercise in daily life.

✅ Advantages

  • 100% natural ingredients – no chemical additives
  • strictly tested quality – GMO-free
  • vegan and gluten-free
  • scientifically proven effectiveness of ingredients
  • easy to dose – quickly integrated into everyday life
  • no prescriptions, abstentions, or diet rules
  • no side effects – good compatibility

🛒 Available here: Buy Theanex

Theanex capsules can only be ordered online. The manufacturer uses its own webshop, paying attention to encrypted data transmission and offering a secure ordering process. This starts with selecting the right package:

  • 1x Theanex at £55.00 per package – 60 pieces
  • 2x Theanex at £41.47 per package – 120 pieces
  • 3x Theanex at £36.65 per package – 180 pieces

One package is considered a monthly supply for beginners. Those who want a long-term effect can opt for a larger package and benefit from the quantity discount. Payment options are secured through PayPal and credit card. Delivery occurs within a few days.

⚠️ Side effects

No side effects are indicated. However, an allergy to any of the ingredients cannot be ruled out. Caution is advised here. In addition, the product is only suitable for adults over 18 years of age. Women in pregnancy and lactation are excluded from taking it. If you are regularly taking other medications, consult a doctor beforehand. This also applies to pre-existing diseases.


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